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Automobilista 2 V1.5.5.0, Le Mans & Endurance Pack Pt1 RELEASED - Now Updated to V1.5.5.1!

It´s the end of an incredible year for Automobilista 2 - one that brought the sim major gameplay developments, many exciting new cars and tracks and scores of new players. It has also been its highest grossing year, almost four years after its initial release.

To celebrate the end of this great year in style with old and new players alike, the very last day of the year brings a new game update as AMS2 hits v1.5.5 along with Le Mans and several state-of-the-art 2023 Endurance race cars. The two new DLCs will remain free for all at release and into the first few days of 2024 so everyone gets to enjoy AMS2 at its very best.

We wish everyone a magnificent 2024 - we will continue pushing flat-out to keep it filled with great sim racing!


Developments that haven´t made it to this release but that are in the works for future updates:

1- Developments to the headlight options - we have added a feature for AI to flash their headlights at incoming traffic as an immersion feature but there isn´t actually a high beam for the AI or the player yet - we are working on update is to improve visibility under standard lights. A higher intensity beam that you can flash coming up lapped traffic is for next cycle

2- More detailed LMDh ERS modelling - while the performance of PU unit and haversting / deployment overall is pretty accurate, the current model doesn´t simulate all properties of the hybrid system as mandated by the rules - likewise for the next cycle

3- Seasonal foliage and a few remaining trackside objects will be added to Le Mans in a complementary update

4- We are aware of some users regularly running into loss of controller input and / or calibration with the release of new updates, USB port swaps or controller driver updates. We have been trying hard to debug this for a few months to no avail. Usually just restarting the game resolves that, but if it doesn´t instead of creating a new profile, you may just delete Doucuments\Automobilista 2\savegame\[ProfileNumber]\automobilista 2\profiles\default.controllersettings.v1.03.sav and that will only force you to start your controller configuration from scratch rather than all game configs. We continue pushing to find a definitive fix.

5- The Multiplayer Logging Report thread is going live later on today - please use it to post logs from Multi sessions where you might have had issues in; league / event organizers who are able to collect the logs from participants on a same session that ran into trouble will be especially helpful to debug remaining reliability issues.

6- Steam pages for the new DLCs will go live with a complementary update later this week.

V1.5.3.5 -> V1.5.5.0 CHANGELOG



  • Added Le Mans featuring Circuit des 24h du Mans, Bugatti layouts (part of the Circuit des 24h du Mans DLC, free for all for the first few days


  • Added LMDh class featuring BMW M Hybrid V8, Cadillac V-Series.R, Porsche 963 GTP (part Endurance Pack Pt1 DLC, free for all for the first few days)

  • Added GT3 Gen2 class featuring BMW M4, Mclaren 720S EVO, 2023 Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO, Porsche 992 GT3-R (part Endurance Pack Pt1 DLC, free for all for the first few days)


  • Added official support for driver swaps with a generic AI driver, fixing previous inconsistent skill level compared to the other drivers in the session

  • Added support for working track light LED panels (WIP, only Green / FCY states for now and only Le Mans & Montreal already set up for them)

  • Added option to limit maximum number of visible vehicles

  • Multiplayer: Added some additional MP logging around an unrecoverable condition when the local client is promoted to session host. Removed geographic restrictions on dedicated server searches. Increased MP browser list refresh speed

  • Added/Updated Championships for F-Vintage, F-Retros, F-Classic, F-HiTech, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates (all Gens), Stock Car Brasil 1979-2023, Copa Montana, Sprint Race, pCup Brasil, GT1, Group C, BMW M1 Procar

  • Added series points sets for user custom Championships for majority of all classes

  • Improved raindrop visuals and dynamics & updated rain drop and rain streak textures to achieve denser raindrops

  • Adjusted undertray sparks dynamics and colouration

  • Logitech G923 (low torque) TrueForce device improved sustained ffb effects / overall strength.

  • Added Class Scoring option to Custom Championship editor


  • Added class filter to championship end of weekend screen

  • Fixed pole position bonus points showing race bonus points on champ scoring selection dialog

  • Fixed long session lengths escaping their bounding box on Start New Championship screen

  • Fixed localisation and alignment issues on Controls screen active suspension labels

  • Fixed cancel/save buttons sharing same key bind on Edit Grid page

  • Updated motorsport preset for Group C

  • Added event presets for LMDh+GT3Gen2, LMDh and GT3 Gen2

  • Interlagos 1993: Added missing track map in HUD display for Interlagos 1993


  • Added support for progressive third springs (used by new LMDh cars & Cadillac DPi)

  • GT3 (both gens): Adjusted body drag for all models & engine peaks for AMG Mercedes & Porsche to rectify excessive terminal top speed

  • Added Low Downforce setup configurations for GTE

  • Adjusted traction control actuation for GTE, GT4, GT3 Gen1 (all models)

  • Revised FFB for GT1, GTE, GT Open, Porsche Cup, GT4, Ginetta G55 Supercup, GT5 and G40 Cup (all models)


  • Added car-specific AI race start mistake scalar overrides so AI for more modern formula cars (F-Reiza / F-Ultimates) with advanced clutches don´t struggle with major burnouts off the line, while those happen more often in stats with F-Vintages / F-Retros / F-Classics / F-V12 / F-V10 Gen1

  • Adjusted AI launch performance on wet for all high power formula classes listed above

  • Slightly increased the likelihood of AI making a mistake during braking when under pressureDisabled AI half-spin mistakes on corner exit

  • Caterham (all models): Adjusted AI suspension rates & increased roll torque stab in attempt to minimise issues with higher curbs

  • Increased amount of AI lifting off the throttle under blue flags

  • Kart 125 shifter: fixed bounce when spawned to track

  • AI calibration pass for LMDh, DPI & P1 (both gens)


  • Added reverb and wall reflection volume sliders to AUDIO options

  • Fixed missing starter sound for: F-Trainer, F-Classic G1M2, F-Vee, McLaren F1 GT1

  • Metalmoro MRX P3 Turbo: adjusted engine sound and position

  • Fixed engine starter sound for Camaro SS, VW TSI Cup cars

  • Adjusted curb sounds so volume is less dependent on tire loads

  • Fixed missing doppler effect in trackside audio for ARC Camaro and Kart Cross

  • Adjusted surface sounds for McLaren Senna & Karts

  • Adjusted engine sound for F-Hitech G1M4

  • increased gearshift volume for Porsche 911 GT3-R & VW Polo RX

  • Camaro SS: fixed missing startup sound and adjusted external chase cam sound rev range


  • Interlagos 1991 / 1993: Fixed issue with the pitwall collision causing strange FFB on contact

  • Cleveland: Reduced chance of a player car missing the timing sector triggers which results in the lap not recorded


  • Fixed shader emissive LCD and LED screens being too bright at night and too dim during the day

  • Updated cockpit display for GTE, GT3 Gen1, GT4 (all models) to suit shader developments

  • Fixed Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 windscreen HUD being too dark at night

  • GTE: added leader lights on the Porsche 991 RSR and Corvette C8.R

  • F Classic G4M2: Fixed bonnet camera clipping

  • Mclaren MP4/7: Fixed wheels and brake disc´s pivot points


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