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Automobilista 2 V1.5 Officially RELEASED

The long awaited v1.5 milestone update for Automobilista 2 is now officially released, featuring a major overhaul to the physics of all cars in the game, a new DLC introducing dirt & rallycross racing to the sim a long with an extensive list of new features and improvements;

A Pt2 of the Adrenaline Pack is already in production and will take AMS2 to even higher extremes - owners of the AMS2 2020-2022 Season Pass and of the AMS2 Premium Expansion Packs are secured both parts at no additional charge. More info about the contents of Pt2 soon!

IMPORTANT!Please note that while all classes except karts have gotten their v1.5 physics revisions in this update, they will remain subject to further minor adjustments until the next update a few weeks from now. Only then will the v1.5 physics be locked down from further handling or performance-impacting changes until the next milestone update, at which time Time Trial boards will once again be reset.

IMPORTANT 2 The above also applies to AI performance calibration, which remains subject to further fine-tuning until the next release.

IMPORTANT 3! All car setups have been automatically reset as of this update to conform with the changes from v1.5 physics.

V1.4.8.1 -> V1.5.0.0 CHANGELOG


Adrenaline Pack Pt1:

  • Added Ascurra Dirt Track (2 layouts)

  • Added Tykki Dirt Track (4 layouts)

  • Added Foz dirt track

  • Added RX layouts of Barcelona, Hockenheimring, Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps

  • Added Rallycross class featuring Polo RX, Mini RX, Citroen RX & MIT Lancer X

  • Added Formula Dirt class

  • Added Kartcross class

Free base game content:

  • Added P1 Gen2 class featuring Metalmoro AJR Gen 2, Sigma P1 G5 & Ginetta G58

  • Updated Stock Car Corolla 2023


  • Added session auto-advance functionality for multiplayer sessions

  • Minor adjustments to net code

  • Mod Support: Added ability to define a mod and provide mod specific vehiclelist.lst and driveline.rg files. See 'UserData/Mods/README.txt' for details and examples

  • Adjusted damage scalars for all settings for slightly overall less sensitive damage

  • Added Spotter as a Gameplay option

  • Fixed FFB wheel pulling on engine off

  • Grid size for all track layouts bumped to accomodate at least 26 cars (except for kart and dirt tracks)

  • Revised pit stop properties for F-Junior, F-Vintages, F-Retros, F-Classics, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates, F-USAs, F-3, F-Inter, F-Junior, F-Trainer, Group A, Group C, GT1, Stock Car Brasil 1999-2023, P1-P4, Sprint Race, Montana, GT5, Ginetta G40 Cup, Copa Truck, Street Cars, Hyper Cars, Supercars DPi, GTE, GT3, GT4, Ginetta G55 Supercup, Porsche Cup, Super V8, F-Vee

  • Adjusted LiveTrack Grip Range (lower "green" baseline grip, slightly lower grip for Light, Medium Rubber presets, Heavy Rubber grip preserved)

  • Rubber now loses grip with water saturation (racing line should be avoided in wet weather as a result)

  • Curbs are now more slippery when wet

  • Fixed excess tire wear/heating on grass, gravel and wet surfaces

  • Added Halo Transparency option for F-Ultimate Gen1 & 2 to Display menu

  • Fixed visual wheel camber in replays

  • Added visible Safety Car during Full Course Yellows

  • Vehicles from human opponents are now collidable during Multiplayer full course yellow

  • Fixed an exploit in Time Trial where illegal pit areas would be used for cutting track.


  • Updated main menu panel arts

  • Added 'Off-road' track selection filter to Grade selection

  • Added Rallycross race weekend preset for RX, F-Dirt & Kart Cross

  • Added P1-4 classes to Brazilian Series vehicle selection filter

  • Removed mandatory pit stop from F-Ultimate Gen2 preset

  • Reduced pit limit from 160 km/h to 130 km/h in F-USA Historic preset to align with 2000 regs instead of 1995/98


  • Completed physics revisions for all classes excepting the karts (125cc & 4-stroke)

  • Adjusted tire flatspotting physics (generally reducing changes of flatspotting)

  • Various adjustments to dirty air effects, correcting some interclass inconsistencies

  • Adjusted undertray spring / damper / friction, fixing inconsistencies

  • F-Junior: Restricted ride height range (min 4cm max 10cm)

  • F-USA Gen2: Adjusted Swift 009C undertray points to fix performance issues; Fixed aero inconsistencies in SW model


  • AI calibration pass for all revised classes

  • Adjusted AI performance degradation with tire wear (Ai tire wear rates still under revision)

  • Temporarily disabled effect of driver personality stamina and tire management skills´ influence on AI lap times while AI tire wear & performance degradation is in progress

  • AI cars will now use the max available boost pressure setting instead of the default in qualifying laps

  • Minor improvement to AI pit strategy during FCY

  • Improved AI lines for Brands Hatch (both layouts), Spielberg GP, Spielberg Historic 1974, Nurburgring GP / Veedol layouts, Velopark, Cascais 1988, Interlagos, Montreal, Silverstone 1991, Silverstone 2001, Silverstone 2020, Spa-Francorchamps 2022


  • Audio playback during fast-forwarding replays is now muted when doing high speed forward seek in replay

  • Fixed missing gravel runoff sound for some cars

  • Smoothed rev-limiter sound cutting out when engine bounces a lot on the limit

  • Disabled audio for hidden environment animations (helicopters, drones) during test day & practice sessions

  • Puddles and dirt sound effects are now panned left/right on track according to position

  • Fixed Mercedes CLK GT1 & AMG GT3 missing attenuation on external gearshift samples.

  • Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06: adjusted interior engine sound


  • Barcelona: Fixed various LOD pop issues in static and scene objects; Minor TSO optimization

  • Indianapolis: Fixed some static object lod issues near T3

  • Spa Francorchamps 2022: Returned wandering marshal to his post at Paul Frere

  • Nurburgring 1971 Sudschleife: Moved rolling start location 200m before Nordkehre


  • Adjusted suspension animation for F-V10, F-V12, F-inter, Lotus 79, Caterhams (all models) Camaro SS: Adjusted light glow textures, shadows & glass cracks

  • McLaren Senna: Adjusted shadows (fixed missing rear wing)

  • Copa Uno B: Adjusted shift warning light

  • Brabham BT49: adjusted shift warning light

  • Updated display for Porsche GT3-R, Porsche Cup models (display alarms added)

  • Added pit limiter display warning to GTE / GT3 models that feature them

  • F Ultimate Gen1: Added ERS mode and pit limiter

  • Nissan GT1: fixed mismatching livery


  • Fixed some inconsistent overtake messaging displayed for backmarkers when the leader hasn't caught the safety car yet

  • Fixed a crash when loading a championship that had been saved after qualifying session

  • Fixed a crash on game boot when the first championship save has an unknown modded vehicle

  • McLaren F1 GTR: minor brake bias adjustment (setup reset recommended)

  • Ultima GTR Race: minor setup adjustments (setup reset recommended)

  • Generally adjusted AI performance when running slicks on a wet track, and extremes / wets / intermediates on a drying track

  • AI calibration pass for Porsche Cup, P1 Gen2 classes

  • Adjusted AI paths to correct jerky behavior in segments of the track at Indianapolis Road Course, Montreal, Nurburgring GP & Veedol layouts

  • Indianapolis Road Course: Adjust alt start path at T4 T5 T6 Montreal GP: Corrected alt start path junctions; Nurburgring GP Veedol

  • Foz: Added VR cams and updated TV cams for new joker layout

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Fernando Alcayaga
Fernando Alcayaga
01 déc. 2023

Every update makes this sim better. Amazing work!

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